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Safety Tips For Exotic Dancers

Updated: Mar 30

While working in the entertainment industry it is important to maintain complete privacy between your work persona and your real identity. You should never allow someone from your work life into your personal, no matter how long you've known them or how much you feel you may be able to trust them. Safety tips for exotic dancers:

1. Switch up your routes to and from work.

2. Switch up your schedule so no one can predict the exact times you are coming and going.

3. Be careful not to share identifying information that may reveal your true identity or your home, work, school, or gym.

4. Maintain a separate phone number that is not attached to your name. This could be texting apps, a Tracfone with pre-purchased minutes, etc. It also allows for an emotional and mental distance from your personal life, allowing you to discard the phone or shut it down when you feel overwhelmed.

5. Switch up clubs, and work a circuit.

6. Do not share information with other dancers about your real name, school, or whereabouts.

7. When speaking with a customer never suggest that you live alone even if you do. Always make it sound like you are surrounded by a support system and have people around you all the time.

Artistic woman obscuring her identity

Stay Safe babes xoxo

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