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Conversation Starters

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Dancers understand the boredom of reliving the same conversation over and over again so many times a night. What's your name? Where are you from? Do you want a dance? Boring! To stand out you need to differentiate yourself from everybody else. If they wanted the same old boring shit they could go to anyone else, so be different and be more personal to them.

Personalized Comments

  • "That blue shirt matches your eyes, is that your favorite color?"

  • "Your glasses look good, were you the hot nerd in college?"

  • "Nice Steelers hat, is that your favorite team?"

  • "I can tell you work out a lot, was today leg day?"

When you meet someone for the first time you are working with limited information- there really is nothing to talk about because you don't know them. As an entertainer, it's your job to come up with something to engage the customers and make them have fun. The quicker you can make them feel seen and talk about something that interests them, the quicker you will form a relationship with them. Use variations of these conversation starters to make the customer have more fun.

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