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A pretty woman with red nails and red lipstick

Getting your nails done can be a beautiful addition to your work persona, but it takes a lot of time and money to upkeep. As an entertainer, the question that should always be on your mind is- will this improve my business? You have a preference for what is most comfortable for you and your customers have a preference for what is most attractive to them.

The reason people find "done" nails attractive is because it shows an investment into oneself and plentiful disposable income. Women enjoy the creativity and artistry that goes into it. Men enjoy the femininity of it. However, there are some clashes between what women enjoy getting for themselves and what your customers prefer to spend on.

After doing our unofficial research, we concluded that customers prefer nails that look clean and have bright or classic colors at a normal length. The fun days of 7-inch nails with rhinestones glued on are over. Of course, you can do what you want with your look but you can also choose to maximize your bottom line.

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