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Which Stripper Outfits Make the Most Money?

Best stripper outfits

It's no secret that image is important as an exotic dancer. It can be the difference between $300 a night and $1,000 a night. I once worked at a club that had a sign in the dressing room that said "You're an adult entertainer, not a DMV worker" to remind the dancers to add some glamor to their dancer persona. In a competitive industry, everyone is looking for an edge. Can one outfit really make or break how much cash you take home at the end of the night? Is wardrobe strategy a dancer's secret weapon?

Bright colors

Bright blue stripper outfit

You may feel sexy in black, but you make yourself disappear into the shadows of the club. Bright, attention-grabbing colors help customers spot you in an environment where attention is currency. Outfits that shine & respond to club lights are like a glowing billboard that says come tip me! Vibrant colors look good on all skin tones and advertise a fun, positive vibe.


Heart shaped thong for exotic dancers in purple

The best outfits complement and highlight your shape. Look at the design, where do the lines draw the eyes? This heart-back thong has wide bands that curve up and around, exaggerating the model's curves. Especially in the club's dark lighting, it emphasizes her natural shape. The best stripper outfits help your body look as good as possible. Bikinis that have curves that trace cleavage lines can create the illusion of a bigger chest.


hot pink stripper outfit

Dancers love bling! After all, we are entertainers and a little extra razzle dazzle adds to the entertainment factor. Emotionally, bling makes everything feel more expensive. And customers spend money on who already looks like money, not who needs it. A rhinestone bikini or thong on days you're feeling a little extra can help you stand out of the crowd.


Having a variety of different looks and styles to change into keeps your customers interested and engaged. Your work bag stocked with outfits is your "tools of the trade". It's good to have a rotation of bodysuits, bikinis, skirts, dresses, and costumes. If you're in a slow rut at work and customers aren't spending, sometimes changing your outfit and hair and coming out looking like a different person is all it takes to make a sale.


How you feel inside your outfits is more important than how you look in them. The material should be high-quality, breathable, and feel good on your skin. Well-designed stripper outfits' fabric should be reminiscent of athleticwear because you are wearing them to perform throughout the night. You are an athlete! They should be easy to take off on stage, and easy to wash. You make more money when you feel good.

Describe your best money-making outfits in the comments below. What's your favorite outfit that you always reach for?

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We need to do a scientific study on this


For some reason every time I wear blue I make more money


A customer always makes fun of me because I happen to wear the same outfit everytime he comes in!! Its a neon pink bodysuit with rhinestones on it and I've had it for like forever. Time to get some new ones. I always make money in it tho

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