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How to be a Stripper

Updated: Jul 5

A pretty woman in an exotic dancer outfit

Show Up

Everybody becomes an exotic dancer for one reason or another. For many, like myself, you begin because of necessity. Do you need cash today? Do you need a schedule you can control? Do you need an avenue for survival when other ones have failed you? Do you need as much money as you can make, right now, without the limitation of a set wage? Do you need a job in a new city right now and not 3 weeks from now?

Any woman can show up to the club closest to wherever you are with a thong and a pair of shoes and end the shift with some money. If you have some money now you need to purchase a pair of pole dancing heels online or in an adult store, a thong, and a basic outfit (bodysuit, bikini, skirt, or dress depending on the specific club's regulations). Then show up with a driver's license wherever you work and go through the audition. You can call ahead and see if they have a specific time or day to audition or just show up and ask!

Show Off

An exotic dancer's job is to entice and entertain people with their looks, charm, conversation, and moves. If you don't have dance moves yet, that's fine. You're relying on your other assets- your beauty, your smile, your body, your sensuality, and your ability to make people feel good about themselves. In auditioning, you need to smile, do a basic spin or ass shake and take your clothes off slowly and seductively. That's enough to get you hired. You can be new. You can not know what you're doing. Everybody has a body. You're just showing it off.

Talk to Men

You just got hired! Ok, what's next? Talk to the customers that are there. Smile, introduce yourself, ask them a few basic questions, and then ask them if they would like a lap dance. This isn't a "how to be a rich stripper" guide right now. This is a "how do I get started" article. Talk to everyone, be interested in them, ask if they would like a dance, and keep trying until you get one. If they say no, try everyone else then come back to them. Many of the regular customers will be excited to try a new face.

That's it! You can refine your dance moves and your sales techniques tomorrow. This is all you need to know to get you through the door. Happy hustling!

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Getting started is the hardest part whether its your first day as a stripper or going into work when you don't feel like it lol


I was so nervous on my first day and I was only 18. I was shaking so hard in the parking lot before going in. I wish I had someone that could give me information before going in but somehow I made it through that night clueless. The only thing the manager told me when I asked was "It's not rocket science". 😂😅

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