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Updated: Apr 1

A woman in a black feathery costume and heels

In the entertainment industry, people come to spend money and- be entertained! Your craft is a fine art unique to you and your specific skills. The top performers have mastered a delicate balance of complexity.

You dance! Free-flowing movements capture everyone's eye. You are exhibiting your sensuality through dance and your athleticism through pole work. You are engaging the audience and their imagination with your movement. What a beautiful craft.

You converse! Every day you meet new people and initiate conversations tailored to them. You take them away from their boring reality and transport them to a new world in which none of their worries, problems, or insecurities exist.

You wear a costume! Every aspect of your stripper persona creates the costume you wear to entertain them. The name you introduce yourself with, the dramatic cat eyeliner you put on to look like Cleopatra and the colors and textures you wear as your armor. Being unique makes you unforgettable.

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