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Are Luxury Bags Worth It?

Tattoo girl holding pretty pink luxury shopping bag

You start your dancing career and start to see more money than you've ever seen before. It comes quickly, so you start to believe you can afford a life of luxury. "That bag is only a day's work", you start to think to yourself, "or two or three days." It's part of every dancer's "new money" journey. You're expanding your idea of what your world could look like, of the things that are in reach. You're opening yourself up to the possibility that you could have things you never had before.

You work hard and you want to feel good. And while everyone shits on you for being a dancer, you want to prove the things you can achieve. You want to show how hard you worked. You want to show that you're a legitimate hard-working person in a tough industry.

It's the Dancer's journey. Buy the luxury bag when you start getting money. Just one, not ten.

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