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Overcoming Negativity

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In our environment, negativity is the sea that surrounds us. Managing so many personalities, traumas, assaults, addictions, and haters constantly threatens to poison our minds. If you are to work in our industry, there is no escaping the demons we must face daily. We must find ways to armor ourselves mentally and escape the downward pull of the group. Positivity is the key in overcoming negativity.

Positive Tactic #1: Disengage

The best way to deal with negativity that is not an immediate physical threat is by disengaging immediately. Walk away from the group in the locker room trying to trump the last person's story of trauma. Ignore the girl gossiping about you. Walk away from the customer with the you-do-nothing-right attitude. Leave the events of the day behind you when you drive away.

Positive Tactic #2: Change of Scenery

Have multiple clubs to work out of if you're in an area in which you can do so. If one environment is getting to be too much you can dip and go to a different one. Spacing out the days you work in one place can decrease the likelihood someone will develop a negative fixation on you (girls and guys).

Positive Tactic #3: Remember Your Reason

Remember the reason why you chose to be a dancer. It's a harder job than most- physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Why did you pick this challenge for yourself? Do you have to escape a bad situation? Are you a young adult setting yourself up with the things you need because no one else will help you? Do you have a specific goal you're working towards? Do you need to control your schedule because you're battling mental illness or raising kids? Hold on to the reason you started and let it drag you up and through the negative energy threatening you.

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