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As salesmen, we're constantly approaching new people, selling, and upselling. In one day we experience far more rejection than the average person in their line of work. To be good at selling, you need to be good at getting rejected. Thick skin is necessary in this line of work. Some customers come to reject you as a sport because they don't often get the chance to reject women in real life.

Maintain a positive attitude:

Do not take any rejections personally. Some people are window shoppers and don't have the money to afford your services. Some people have a different type. Some people already have someone they're coming to see. Some people are doing you a favor- being upfront to save you time instead of stringing you along. A negative reaction or a "get back" to a customer ruins your business with other people.

Give them time:

Some customers are just not at the right time to be sold on something. They might be waiting on food, or needing a few minutes to settle in after work. These customers can be sold later. A "not now" might actually mean "not now". Try again later.

Figure out the reason:

Is there a legitimate reason that they're rejecting you that you can solve? Maybe it's the price. Maybe they're unsure what's going to happen and they need you to answer their questions. Maybe they need a conversation more than a dance. Investigate their dismissal of you to see if there is something you can do to change it.

Most of the time our job is a numbers game. Stay positive and keep selling, the numbers will work themselves out.

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