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Can You Dance on Your Period?

Updated: Mar 30

A grapefruit mimicking female anatomy

Yes! It is possible to dance while going through your monthly cycle although it requires more preparation for your work day. You should keep an extra bag containing tampons, wet wipes, and a pair of small scissors in your work bag or locker at all times. It can also include any medications you might use each month to manage pain.

Period Work Week Tips:

  • Use scissors to cut tampon string (if all nude club you may need to tuck the extra bit of string up)

  • Be more vigilant about hygiene, cleaning yourself more throughout the workday

  • Wear darker thongs and outfits

  • Do the "mirror check"- try different poses in the mirror to see if any bit of string can be seen (it glows in the blacklights)

  • Wear outfits that cover the stomach to hide bloating

Don't let a natural occurrence keep you from maximizing your earning potential! Instead of psyching yourself out or being self-conscious understand that many dancers work on their period and no one notices or cares. Come prepared and make your money. Dance on your period!

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