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A Drink Isn't a Tip

An orange cocktail with a green leaf accent

When you show up for a shift you are in a challenging environment that will test you emotionally and physically. You must always keep your intention for being there in your mind. As a dancer, you're there to make money and not to party. Alcohol is a dancer's biggest enemy. Alcohol is a tool that can only be used against you.

One main tactic customers use to take advantage of your time is offering you drinks to keep you around longer and have you let your guard down. A drink is not a tip. A drink should not be enough to keep you around. If they want to buy you a non-alcoholic drink in addition to tipping for conversation or performances, you should accept. But never be lured in by the offer of drinks as a form of tipping.

Drinking makes you too comfortable, losing track of time and your bottom line. You can take dollars to the bank- not liquor. A drink isn't a tip!

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